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Miss Ollie's

  • Address: 901 Washington St. Oakland, CA 94607
  • Neighborhood: Old Oakland
  • Categories: Restaurants
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A neighborhood restaurant in Old Oakland whose market-driven menu is inspired by foods of the Caribbean.

Restaurant Week Menu

Lunch $10

   Doubles (curry chickpeas, squash, bara bread) *vegan

   + 1/2 pint local beer

Dinner $30

   Welcome Rum Cocktail

   Miss Enda Lewis' Menu

      Silken Turnip & Potato Soup

      + Bay-studden Pork Shoulder w/ wild mushrooms & smoky greens

      Cake with Cranberry

   Miss Ollie's Menu

      Sea Egg w/ buttered cabbage & gold rice

      Miss Ollie's Fried Chicken (pigeon pea creole consomme)

      Creole doughnuts w/ Allspice sweet cream


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